Enhance Your Strengths & Confidence with Workshops for Today's Career Minded Individuals

VerbaCom® brings you hands-on, fun sessions that focus on leveraging an individual's unique skills, experience and learning requirements to be able to engage more effectively with others on the job.



Smaller group sessions for better focus on participant needs.


Confidential, Individual Coaching in person or online.


Customization of in-house sessions and pre-course assessments at no extra cost.


Half-day, One-day and 2-Day Sessons available on or off-site.


Over 20 years of experience in changing lives for clients nationally with our career development workshops


Techniques for Effective Presentations & Public Speaking

Overcome anxiety with our unique process that focuses on your own strengths to increase the confidence you need to be the best YOU

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Keys to Negotiating for Mutual Gain - A Collaborative Approach

Based on the Harvard Program on Negotiation research, learn to build mutual trust and flush out interests and issues to create a mutual win for all parties

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VerbaCom® Executive Development
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Dallas, TX 75248, USA

Phone: (972) 386-8372
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  • Michael Thompson, MBA
    Michael Thompson, MBA - Managing Partner COAIWS LLC

    Irene is a high energy, visionary leader, who has passion for people; and excellence in performance. Irene is able to pull together talent and systems to accomplish tough assignments for leadership development. Finally, Irene is a caring person.

  • Doris Aguirre, Recruiter
    Doris Aguirre - Principal / Executive Recruiter

    Texas State Radio Networks, hired Irene to conduct a seminar on developing and improving our verbal sales presentations to clients. She taught us about voice and tonality, posture, image, vocabulary and the importance of an elevator speech along with several other things we don't normally notice but are noticed by others. The difference for each of us was remarkable. The professionalism in our presentations toward the end was 360 degrees. She is very detailed and very much a motivator. I highly recommend Irene for anyone wanting to improve the delivery of their sales presentations and public speaking skills.

  • Martha DeLeon
    Martha DeLeon - Generalist

    When I met Irene I instantly liked her! Part cheerleader, part coach, Irene is committed to motivate learning through words of encouragement and support. Her course on Effective Presentation Techniques is an excellent investment for any professional looking to improve their public speaking skills. Irene’s passion and positive attitude to help others are the keys to her success and you can’t help but love her!

  • Michael Kiselak
    Michael Kiselak - Business Relations (Ex-Dallas Cowboy)

    Irene truly gives you the tools to take your abilities to the next level. Great Coach! Whether just starting out or an old pro that needs some touch up on the skills, Irene will help you unlock your ability to really be your best.

About Us

Professionalism and Confidence

We provide our clients with the knowledge necessary to communicate effectively with others, thus enabling them to make meaningful contributions to those whose lives they touch.

VerbaCom® has been providing nationally offered courses to the public and private sectors for over 20 years. Our Founder/Principal Irene Zucker has been to primary workshop facilitator and driving force behind VerbaCom®. Her unique and dynamic style has made VerbaCom® nationally recognized by many corporations and organizations, featured in Success® Magazine as an excellent resource and was interviewed by Sales Power® Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Investor’s Daily, and received Special U. S. Congressional Recognition for Outstanding Service to the Community.